Election Day Nov 7 2017 - Please Signup - Handout Campaign Flyers

Election Day Nov 7 2017 – Please Signup – Handout Campaign Flyers

This post is for our dedicated Democrats who attended the 2017 precinct meeting, county convention, district convention, precinct officers, and volunteers.

Our municipal candidates who are Democrats are in dire need of your help on Election Day to stand the polls, hand out campaign material, and encourage the voters to cast their vote for them. Please check out these links and choose a municipal election to help in.  You will be able to indicate the shift you would like to work and the candidate you wish to work for if you have a preference.





Because there are many Democrats running in some races if you have a preference as to what candidate you want to help let Claudia Sandoval know   -- csandoval.nc@gmail.com --  Also, if you don’t want to sign up on line, you can let Claudia know -- csandoval.nc@gmail.com -- the location and time and she can do it for you, then send you a confirmation email.


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