Poll Observers for Early Voting and Election Day Needed

Election Day is coming faster than we think. We are all very excited about the Convention in Charlotte and all it brings, but as each of you know, there are 61 days until early voting begins across the state and only 81 days until we vote to re-elect President Obama, Elect Walter Dalton as our next Governor and every other democrat all the way down the ballot. OFA’s voter protection team has been working very hard on early voting sites throughout the state. Some of you may have already been working with them on this effort.

They have also been working very hard to build a list of attorneys state wide that will be inside polling place as observers on election day. These observers are there to protect all voters and report any problems immediately. The voter protection effort will target high Democratic performance precincts and one-stop early voting sites in the state.

Participating in this effort will help all Democrats, no matter where their name sits on the ballot. The first thing you can do to help with this effort is sign off on lists of qualified observers to be assigned to Election Day precincts and one-stop sights. As you know, these lists must be submitted by 10 am five days in advance of the date in which the observer is scheduled. OFA will take care of training all observers on election law and what to look out for. They will develop lines of communication between observers, the voter protection boiler room, and county boards of elections Volunteer poll observers who would like to participate in the program can sign up here http://OFA.BO/NCVoterProtection

The schedule of trainings will be posted in a few weeks. They will begin the week of September 15 and continue weekly (and more than weekly) through October. The plan is to have trainings in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem.

THIS is one of the most important roles at early voting sites and election day. Republicans are not shy nor afraid of using intimidation as a tactic to win. Let’s be prepared! Please contact me if your County is ready to participate in this program. Advertise the link above on your county website or your newsletter

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.


Tammy Brunner

Phone: 919.821.2777 ext. 200

Fax: 919.821.4778



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