2017 Union County Convention Results

2017 Union County Convention Results

We had a great Democratic Party Convention today -- a record turnout. Thank you to all the Democrats who turned out for the first time, and thank you to every one of you who have been with us throughout the years. I am looking forward to all of us working together to make our county, state, and nation a better place.

Congratulations to Bea Colson who was the recipient of the 2017 Charles L. Hunley Award. Bea Colson has been a stalwart of our party since the '60s.

Officers elected: Nancy Rorie, Chair; Bill Hutton, First VC; Claudia Sandoval, Second Vice Chair; Jennifer Owen, Third Vice Chair; Alisha Allen, Secretary; and John Kibler. Treasurer.

SEC Members elected were Randall Hersom, Ernest Walker, Frank McGuirt, Nancy Rorie, Lynn Slivka, Kim Hargett and Surluta Anthony.

Our speakers were candidates for Congress Maria Collins Warren and Christian Cano. Leslie Boyd, School Board Member, and Judge Tripp Helms also spoke.

One-Hundred and Twenty delegates were elected to the 9th district convention, which will be held May 20 at Cole Auditorium, Hamlet.

It is a great day to be a Democrat!