Break the Majority - Gov. Cooper, NCDP Announce New Initiative

Break the Majority – Gov. Cooper, NCDP Announce New Initiative

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See Gov. Roy Cooper on Politico today


The North Carolina Democratic Party is excited to announce today, in partnership with Governor Cooper, the launch of our Break the Majority initiative, an unprecedented effort to break the Republican supermajority in the General Assembly.

When Republicans took power in 2011, they cemented their hold on our state through unconstitutional and illegal racial gerrymanders. At the same time, Republican dark money groups like the Koch brothers poured out of state money into local, down-ballot races. These factors combined to give Republicans a deep structural advantage: in 2016, Democrats won nearly 50 percent of the vote yet only held 38 percent of House seats and 30 percent of Senate seats. These supermajorities have allowed Republicans to enact harmful legislation and override Governor Cooper.

Along with Governor Cooper, we recognize the importance of targeting and winning back these state-level races. If we do not make gains by 2020 then we will be letting the same Republicans redraw the maps in 2021. Through Break the Majority, we will have the ability to fight back by supporting Democratic candidates and holding Republican members accountable. This will manifest itself in several ways:

  1. We are investing in a strong communications and research staff at NCDP to hold Republicans accountable for their backwards agenda. Our communications staff will also work with Governor Cooper and Democratic candidates, partners, and allies to promote a positive agenda centered on supporting North Carolina families and moving our state forward.
  2. We will offer professional, wall-to-wall campaign support, including TV, radio, digital, and mail, to educate voters about the important contrasts between our candidates and Republicans.
  3. We are investing in a strong field program to capitalize on the grassroots enthusiasm to turn voters out at the polls and persuade others to vote Democratic.

We are extremely excited about Break the Majority and look forward to working with you in this effort. The work we are doing will not be easy, but it is important to be able to move our state forward. Already this year, we have seen people all across the political spectrum – many who have never been active in politics before – turn up at local meetings because they’re turned off by state legislative leaders and the administration in Washington.

With Break the Majority, combined with Governor Cooper’s strong leadership and a robust and professional party structure, we’re confident we can shatter the Republican stranglehold on our state and return North Carolina to its voters.

Now, let’s get to work and break the majority!

NC’s illegal Republican #NCGA has wreaked havoc on our state. It’s time to break the majority.

GOP legislators drew some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country. Hold them accountable: See #BreaktheMajority

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