College Democrats

The College Democrats of Union County (CDUC) is as yet to be duly organized. Upon its becoming duly organized, it will be for the purpose of encouraging Democratic College Students to have an active interest in governmental affairs.

This organization chartered by the North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee at the state and soon to be county level is an integral part of the North Carolina Democratic Party.


To increase the efficiency of government.
To foster and perpetuate the ideals of the Democratic Party.
To help acquaint voters and potential voters with issues and candidates.
To promote the highest degree of justice for human welfare and happiness for all of the people of our county, state, and nation.
To increase and promote fellowship in political action among Democratic College Students and with others working for the success of the Democratic Party.
Membership is open to all registered Democratic College Students of Union County and any Democrat may be a non-voting associate member.

We will be conducting regularly scheduled meetings, watch this website for announcements.

A program may be announced prior to the meeting in the Enquirer Journal and the Union Observer as well as here on this website.

To join the College Democrats of Union County, please complete the membership form and return with your check for $10.00 (annual dues) payable to CDUC.

Annual membership dues are used to make contributions to Democratic candidates in the General Election and to the Union County North Carolina Democratic Party.