Democratic Women

Democratic Women of Union County

Welcoming all and working together to change our futures.  Helping to build and support a strong Democratic Party in Union County.

Join Us . . . .

This is your opportunity to get to join other women who want to become involved in political life, who want to be catalysts for greater public awareness of issues, and who want to promote the values of the Democratic Party.

We are committed to encouraging women (of all ages) to seek public office and to strengthening the Democratic Party in North Carolina.  We provide active support to Democratic candidates for public office.

Our activities include speakers, public forums, informal gatherings, political rallies, and efforts to get out to vote.

You are invited to be our guest at any of our meeting. Should you choose to join, membership dues is $20.00. For more detailed information contact Judy Amick

Monthly meeting the second Monday of each month held at:

Old Armory Community Center,  500 South Johnson Street Monroe, N C

January – March   11:30 am

April – December   6:30 pm

No Meeting July and August


Cynthia Baez - President

Judy Amick - 1st Vice Chair

Garthalia Johnson  - 2nd Vice President

Pam DeMaria - 3rd Vice President

Brenda Hamilton - Treasurer

Additional information contact Cynthia Baez 704-882-4695 or Judy Amick 704-231-0405

Purchase tickets online by clicking the down arrow and select # of tickets to purchase.

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Please complete above form and bring to Christmas Party with copy of paid receipt at check-in. This is required for each ticket purchased for accounting purposes.


Salute the North Carolina Flag

 "I salute the flag of North Carolina and pledge to the Old North State love, loyalty, and faith."