Dan McCready NC-09 Special Election Filed

Dan McCready NC-09 Special Election Filed

Earlier today, I stopped by the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections to begin the process of filing to run in the NC-09 special election.  This is a huge milestone, and we would never have gotten to this point without your support.

I never planned to run for Congress. I was perfectly happy spending time with my four little kids and building my solar energy business. But I’ve seen how politicians are tearing our country apart, and I feel a calling to serve. The first time I felt that was after 9/11, before joining the Marines. And I feel it again now.

Too many North Carolina families are being left behind by politicians who are more interested in their own power and political careers than the people they took an oath to serve. And nowhere is our politics more broken and corrupt than here in North Carolina’s 9th District, where my opponent’s campaign stole people’s votes in the largest election fraud scandal in recent memory.

We need leaders who will put country over party, and who will take on the culture of corruption that is killing our country. But that’s going to take all of us coming together to fight back.

Time and again, we’ve called on this team when we needed you most, and you’ve been right there with us every step of the way. We need you again today. Can you chip in to keep our movement going strong? It’s so important that we build on the momentum at this crucial milestone.

Thanks for your support,


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