QUICK TIPS FOR POLL GREETERS - Election Day – Nov 7, 2017

QUICK TIPS FOR POLL GREETERS – Election Day – Nov 7, 2017

YOUR GOAL     Focus on voters!          Give out Sample Ballots!         Be friendly!

What to do before showing up for your time slot:  BE PREPARED!

  1. READ the SAMPLE BALLOTS and/or Candidate info - be able to help voters find the information desired.
  1. BRING A CELL PHONE, if you have one. Bottled drinks and snacks are appropriate.  If the weather is bad, bring rain gear and warm clothes.  If you have a tool for accessing the Internet, please bring it to help voters look up their registration information (see below).
  2. Assure voters they can use Sample Ballot inside the voting booth.
  3. If voter in wrong precinct, send to right precinct if possible. Otherwise can vote provisional ballot.
  4. To look up correct location for voting if there are questions: https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/
  5. No Voter ID is required to vote!
  1. Interacting with Voters -  “Just be nice out there.”
  • Wear a badge/sticker identifying yourself as a Candidate volunteer.
  • Stay focused on voters. Avoid getting caught in conversation with other volunteers or protesters.
  • Be friendly and polite to all voters.
  • Position yourself where most voters will pass.
  • Step forward and greet the voters. For example:  “Good morning.  Would you like a Sample Ballot? Or Candidate Information?”
  • Be helpful. Answer questions and/or clarify misconceptions.
  • Some voters obviously don’t want to interact (passing by quickly with averted eyes). Let them pass.
  • Annoying or intimidating voters: be courteous; don’t argue; distract or ignore if persons are keeping you from helping others.  Ask or call for assistance from others, if needed.  Write down names and actions for future volunteers’ info.
  • Thank all departing voters for voting. Encourage them to send their friends.

OBEY THE RULES          Stay in the boundaries!           Report irregularities!

Maintain the 50-foot limit from the polling place laid out by officials. It is OK to call out to voters while they are in the 50-foot space, but don’t harass. The poll workers will mark the buffer zone on Election Day with Red tape on ground and a sign labeled “No Campaigning Beyond this Point”.

  1. Accept the instruction of polling place officials.
  2. Contact the Chief Judge of the site if problems arise that affect
  3. Contact John Whitley 704-283-3708 at the Board of Elections if: Questions/concerns are not addressed/corrected, the irregularity is critical (also notify Nancy Rorie 704-219-8821 UCDP Chair).
  4. Report violations by representatives of other parties: notify Nancy Rorie. Write down pertinent information.
  5. Prevent harassment of voters by anyone: caution violators; notify Chief Judge if it continues.
  6. If a voter is denied the right to vote: advise her/him to go back and request a Provisional Ballot.
  7. Violation of the 50-foot line: caution violators; notify Chief Judge if not corrected.
  8. Misrepresentation of candidates or misleading information: notify Candidate.
  9. Persons are challenged and turned away from voting: find out the reason; write it down, including name and contact information. Relay information to Nancy Rorie immediately.
  10. People who have served time can vote if they have completed their sentence, including probation and parole, and are registered.



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